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As of Late; creations, thoughts, and being a robot.

Between Boris cementing me to the ground in odd spots around the house and neighborhood with random demands of impromptu snuggles and Julia's grumbling tummy at six in the morning, this has been a very eventful month.

Ferdinand spent many hours working on back to University music projects that included a welcome video for new students and remix on one of his professors albums (will include link in email!). We also celebrated a few family birthdays - I have always enjoyed birthdays but since getting married, they have been elevated to National Holiday status. Each year becomes a new complex plot to create the perfect theme and series of custom surprises - this year Julia wanted to celebrate mermaids and spiders. The days were exhausting and fun and kept us having something to look forward to... Ferdinand keeps saying this Halloween is going "TO BE THE BEST ONE YET" and I am still waiting to believe that but at least celebrations give us some positive structure to the negative sludge of current life.

My parents drove from their rural landscape ten hours away to our sandy one and brought a large stem of Milkweed with a cocoon on it. We got to watch the butterfly come out the same day as Julia's birthday and that felt like a tiny miracle - she immediately dubbed him "Spot Bigelow". I also finished embroidering a pillow for my Mother that weekend, and felt happy sending back something snuggly for them in the midst of their lonesome chicken days.

Most days in art and music, I feel like a robot. Funny enough I am now recalling how often my brother teased me about being a robot when we were younger. It may have been an unfounded joke, but has come to mean a lot in my life. A friend expecting a second child was also just asking me how it felt when I was pregnant with Boris, and Julia was in the peak screaming days, and we were packing up to move far from family with no job. I also responded with something about feeling like a robot - just standing up and doing the work each day. And now as I am writing this, I am realizing perhaps that I do value that robotic part of me. Some days I dance around to Gaita De Las Flores while smacking on gum and painting. Other days I go on silent walks, slump in a chair, and emotionlessly pick up material to start making. If you have ever read up on Cyborg Feminism, perhaps realizing we all have a little capacity for robot in us is not such a bad place to be.

Below are pics of my Mother's pillow and birthday moments. Send your email to kikilapomme13@gmail.com if you want more interesting tidbits! (This week mostly features lyrics I like and lyrics I just finished setting to an old song).

Farwell, beep boop bop.

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