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Celebrations of Spring

Springtime is around the corner and with that change I can't help but to feel a hope for a shot at renewed EVERYTHING. I hope this year we don't just enjoy baby animals or fresh flowers and grass - it feels like with a hopeful upswing in the country we can imagine fresh relationships, new opportunities and novel experiences that break up the current repetition of day to day life most have become accustomed to this year.

On that note, Pigimichi has some amazing plans this Spring and Summer that will result in a nice EP coming out and full album and music video hopes for the Summer. Pigimichi feels like the space I reserve for pure play in my creative life and it brings me so much joy to work on it right now and collaborate with other musicians that feel so inspiring. I am also trying to finish up a small and super simple solo album project that I want to finish and give to family and friends by Summer accentuated with some art work. Maybe it sounds like a lot and it kind of is a lot but I just really have my hands up in the air at this point and let the creative goblin on my shoulder be my guide.

Mostly for a moment I would just like to write about trying to make the most of our home days while we are still stuck in it. I find myself almost panicking, even though excited, at the thought of going out in the world again. We bought balloons the other day for no reason and have been watching a ton of movies and making cakes. Maybe it is the little child in me that never wanted to go to school is trying to finally fit in all the reasons it was good to be home forever. So here are some snapshots of the little joys we have been having day by day - always echoing at night after the children go to bed in a feeling of cavernous darkness that is the unknown future and unknowable sorrows of so many this year. We try to fill it, but at times I lay awake just listening. I hope this Spring expands its creation to more than just the land. Will share info on new paintings/hopeful community show soon :)

spring 1

spring 2

spring 3

spring 4

spring 5

spring 5